mAirlist 3.1.5

 mAirList 3.1.5 a été publié aujourd’hui. Cette mise à jour contient quelques améliorations ainsi que quelques corrections de bugs.


Voici le journal des modifications :

  • Version 3.1.5 Build 889 (2011-02-02)
  • Audio not stopping when pausing Containers with Start Next cue points
  • REST: « Could not bind socket » message when turning remote off and on again
  • Better logging of exceptions in notification scripts
  • BASS buffer size can be set separately for each device and the encoder
  • DB: Ability to import and export hour template assignments
  • DB: Library columns can be rearranged and turned on/off
  • DB: Error message when closing Sync dialog with no folder selected
  • DB: Last/next use of each item displayed in library
  • Database browser and database playlist browser support « Refresh » button
  • Database browser and all playlist table views: Enabled incremental search
  • DB: SQL transactions not handled correctly
  • Scripting: Added IDMAXRemote.SetGoStatus(iFader: byte; iStatus: boolean)
  • Mixdown: Integer overflow error when processing long items
  • Support for reading album art (front cover) from ID3v2 tags
  • Static Text screen object: Added « execute command when clicked » option
  • Button screen object: Added font changes through remote commands
  • New commands: PLAYLIST x EDIT (opens Properties dialog for item at cursor),
  • PLAYLIST x EVENTS (opens event scheduler)
  • ASIO Configuration: Range Check Error when no ASIO cards installed
  • REST passwords lost after restart
  • BASS config: ability to configure network connection and read timeout
  • Stream playback: stalling and interrupted streams are detected much better
  • DB: Template Assignment grid columns adjust when form is resized
  • DB: Library view is refreshed when Synchronization form is closed
  • DB: New folders are displayed twice after adding them
  • Icecast mount points can be specified with or without leading / character
  • Database playlist browser content can be edited
  • Added file import option: Import artist/title from filename if no tags exist
  • Freeze when using ShellExecute in scripts run from events
  • Updated BASS to version

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